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Design & Development

Design & Development / customer support

To be able to supply our customers with the best possible advice and technological service our Technology Center, together with the technology center of our factory in China, is trying to find new solutions to customer challenges; to develop new magnetic materials, new coatings and gluing technologies, or completely new production techniques.
Already in the engineering phase our engineers can support our customers with advise to come to the most optimized magnetic design.

Technical Service
In our Technology Center we have state of the art equipment for determining magnetic and physical properties of magnets and magnet systems. This expertise contributes helping customers during the development stage of projects. 

To make the development of new products a success it is important to take into account the effective and efficient production and assembly of all parts, preferably in the early stage of the projects. Our Engineering department is specialized in helping you to (re)design your magnetic system for optimal manufacturing and assembly.

With their year long and broad experience in developing production methods and processes, production of prototypes, our highly skilled and experienced personnel can produce fast, from single test samples to small series.. Making it possible for you to shorten development time and producing the right product from the start, will save time and money. With our experience in designing and manufacturing of assembly tools, methods and processes we are also well positioned for producing high tech magnetic systems at competitive prices.

Do you want to make use of our expertise or just want some additional information about our capabilities or assemblies please contact us.