Magnetic assemblies usually are metal carriers to which magnets are bonded. Producing high-end magnetic systems is a very delicate operation. Handling permanent magnets and positioning the magnets onto the carriers with tight tolerances, repeatedly, is our specialty.
In our Technology center in The Netherlands we produce high quality prototypes and small series.
Together with the customer our engineering team will design the magnetic system. For the design we use 3D modeling software Solidworks.
The specialized tools for assembling our magnetic systems are developed and produced in-house.
Once the product can go into serial production it will be transfered to our production facility in China. For the transfer we use a copy exactly strategy. The transfer will be done under supervision of our engineering and quality team.

Thanks to our capabilities to design and produce assembly tools, our well trained and experienced technicians produce prototypes and small series with short lead times and high precision.

If you like to know more about our production capabilities please contact us.