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Neodymium magnets offer the highest energy density commercially available today.

Our product range of Neodymium magnets (Nd-Fe-B) covers a wide range of alloys with different magnetic properties. These magnets are produced by sintering metallurgical powder. Depending on size, shape, tolerances, batch size and magnetic requirements, the parts are either cut from isostatically pressed blocks or are die-pressed, producing anisotropic magnets in all shapes and sizes you might require.

JL MAG can supply NdFeB magnets from N30 up till N52 grades (Remanence ~1080-1480 mT). The latest developed grades can operate at working temperature up to 250ºC. The specially developed high corrosion resistant L and T grades give superior weight loss test results and stability.

Our magnets are supplied with a variety of different coatings which deliver optimal protection and adhesive performance for virtually any application. These include NiCuNi, epoxy and even organic coatings. The latter was specifically developed by JL MAG to give superior salt spray test resistance with optimal adhesion properties, tailored for your specific application.


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