JL MAG Europe is supplying a wide range of magnetic products for the automotive industry.
More and more electronic controls are integrated in today’s cars. Tomorrow’s cars will even have an increasing number of electronic controls.
Some examples of applications are EPS (electrical power steering), shift-by-wire, sensors, ABS systems, Brake-by-wire, pumps (e.g. fuel). Due to the “green thought” (making cars lighter and thus more environmental friendly) more and more applications are using NdFeb magnets.

Our products are widely used in the automotive industry as they have proven to meet the highest demands of quality, performance and reliability. Our production facilities are ISO and TS certified to be able to fully meet automotive quality requirements. We give support during the complete process from design-in to full mass-production including all required approval processes and related documents.

To view our product range please visit our product page or for more detailed information please contact our office.